You Need to Try Paul John’s Newest Indian Single Malt Whisky


The newest single malt from India’s most renowned whisky distillery is an absolute sipping delight for your taste buds, and a steal at that. Paul John Nirvana is an unpeated single malt whisky distilled entirely from six-row barley, and matured in charred American Oak casks, much like bourbon.

Paul John Nirvana isn’t a new whisky, but it’s been slow to make its way to the United States, only reaching the UK and similar markets last year. The perennial problem of off-the-radar whiskey is that it’s sometimes just as hard to find as the coveted stuff. A few thousand bottles are all that even arrived stateside of Kanya by Paul John a couple years ago, and the likewise popular Amrut Fusion a couple years before that.

It has become easier to find great bottles in the last few years though, likely due to Sazerac (owners of Buffalo Trace) purchasing a…

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