YETI Launches Free ‘Streaming’ Service for Earth Day


It’s no secret streaming services are booming right now amid the COVID-19 pandemic. People are urged to remain indoors, so they’re finding solace in binge-watching their favorite shows on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and more. However, for outdoor junkies like us, there really isn’t anything more soothing and relaxing than the chatter of nature. And the crew at YETI has recognized this just in time for Earth Day.

On Wednesday, the popular outdoor brand launched their version of a live “streaming” service: YETI+. This isn’t like any other streaming service out there, either. It’s quite literally what the name implies: They’re offering eight live feeds of literal streams in all their babbling glory.

The Big Island of Hawaii. Photo: Screenshot from YETI+

This is the breath of…

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