Why You Need to Embrace the Fika, or Swedish Coffee Break, This Summer


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For a country that spends most of winter in darkness and enjoys days of 24-hour sun in the summer, it’s no surprise that coffee is a big part of life in Sweden. The fika, or coffee break, is an institution. Swedes never miss their mid-morning (and often mid-afternoon) time-out for a coffee and pastry (traditionally a kanelbullar, a cinnamon roll spiced with cardamom). It’s a moment to take a pause from the day to catch your breath or catch up with friends and coworkers—or, in the new normal, to look away from the screens and log off your video chat.

How to embrace this break time in our new, socially-distanced reality, without dealing with crowds at the coffee shop? Easy: the Starbucks app. It lets you find a store, order ahead and get contactless payment, fast. Just open your Starbucks app and select the store you’d like…

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