Why Miller High Life is the Classiest Compromise at the Dive Bar


Life is full of trade-offs. Go home early or stay out all night? Aim for quality or max out on quantity? But when it comes to Miller High Life, maybe we can have it all. And by “all,” of course, we mean: A) chugging the so-called champagne of beers while, B) inwardly acknowledging that it’s just a cheap macro lager. So, to recap, if those qualifications work, then yes, we definitely can have it all.

Miller High Life is a beer that overcomes low expectations with elevated carbonation. Introduced by the Miller Brewing Company around New Year’s Eve of 1903, the beverage made its debut into civil society in a stunning clear-glass number, with gold foil wrapped around its gazelle-like neck and plunging shoulders.

With a bottle resembling upper-crust cousin champagne, High Life seemed destined to bring grandeur to the masses. During its first few…

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