Why ‘Hacking Whiskey’ Is the Book Every Whiskey Lover Needs Right Now


If you’re a whiskey fan trying to find new ways to fill your time at home right now, the next thing you should buy yourself isn’t another bottle—it’s a book.

Longtime whiskey and drinks author Aaron Goldfaarb is a treasure trove of weird, oddball, counterculture booze knowledge. He spends much of his time at home, surrounded by bottles, tasting the new stuff and fiddling with experiments. And thanks to his book Hacking Whiskey, you can too.

Hacking Whiskey is billed as a book of whiskey experiments, including things like smoking, blending, and fat washing your own whiskey. But this book isn’t just an activity guide for drinkers with a few bottles to spare—it’s an education in everything from altering whiskey for cocktails, to blending your own unique whiskeys at home (something everyone should try once).

You’ll start with some…

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