Why Every Guy Should Raise a Puppy at Least Once


I moved to Colorado when I was 23 years old. The plan was to work for the ski resort in Telluride and, after the ski season, return back home to Chicago to get a real job after I had figured it out. Well, I either never figured it out or I really did figure it out…whatever it is, because I still live in Colorado and I’ve transformed my ski bummery into an actual career path and a lifestyle rife with the stereotypes of a happy outdoor life. My face and feet are adorned with a near permanent goggle and flip-flop tan. Skis line my walls. I invest in gear not stocks. I drive a Subaru. And I (finally) have a dog.

It’s been a year of wonderful dog companionship with Bodhi (named after Swayze’s character in Point Break, ‘cause duh). And being a dog dad has been the most rewarding and illuminating year of my life. Now, I am sure you parents of…

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