Why A Bottle of Montenegro Is About to Be Your Home Bar’s Best Asset


Everyone loves a complex drink, and the good news is that things don’t have to get complicated for you to enjoy something complex at home. Alongside your highballs and Negronis, you should be adding another bartender favorite to your repertoire this week: the Mezcal and Montenegro.

The Montenegro and Mezcal (also known as an M&M) is the easiest drink you’re not making at home. It takes just two ingredients, can be served as a shot or over ice, and will help you up your bartending game.

It starts with the bottle you know the least about: Amaro Montenegro. Though it might be considered an obscure bottle by the public, Montenegro is a pantry staple among the bartending community. It’s an Italian Amaro more than a century old—a bittersweet and rich liquid whose signature flavor notes of caramel and orange…

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