What Makes a Perfect Mattress, According to Swedish Sleep Experts


I’ve taken COVID in New York very seriously, which means limiting non-essential errands or interactions. Yet here I am, sitting on a setee in a cavernous room, ethereal music playing in the ether, while Oliver Ankar, director of Hästens Sleep Spa in New York City, kneels in front of me and slips cloud-like booties onto my bare feet. Across from me is Linus Adolfsson, founder of the Sleep Spa, which houses all the Swedish mattress company’s blue-and-white checkered offerings. The soothing atmosphere where it’s perpetually twilight splits the difference between showroom and laboratory—Adolfsson serving as head scientist, and me the test subject. I gave myself a pandemic pass on coming here because I want to find the perfect mattress, if such a thing even exists.

For most of the past year, my sleep has been terrible. I know all the things…

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