What It’s Really Like to Live the Roadlife


We love a good road trip story. We’re not alone, either. The new American dream seems practically cemented in the idea of quitting your corporate job, finding a Vanagon/Westfalia/Sprinter on Craigslist and hitting the road in search of adventure and new job opportunities. (And don’t you dare try to tell us we won’t instantly score a travel-writing job once we hit the highway. We’re not listening.)

Yep, the notion of the roadlife is as romantic as they come, as alluring as a fairytale with a few less castles and a couple more bad gas-station burritos. But the reality? Simply put, roadlife is real life, says Gale Straub.

Gale Straub travels the country in a 2004 Mercedes Sprinter with her boyfriend, Huckberry’s Jon Gaffney. Photo: Courtesy of Straub

Yes, she quit her corporate job. Yes, she cruises in a retrofitted 2004 Mercedes Sprinter van….

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