We’re With Her | ‘A Teacher’ Star Kate Mara Interview


The star of A Teacher, Kate Mara, shares her thoughts on the horny TV renaissance and how to have a family political disagreement when you’re part of two NFL dynasties.

In your new show A Teacher, even though the relationship between your character and her student is deeply screwed up, it’s also very hot. Between that and Normal People, Hulu is really leading a horny TV resurgence.

I’m glad that was your comparison, because I’m with you. And obviously, the show is exploring the reaction that you had to it. [But] just because somebody seems mature, or even if a kid is 18 or whatever the legal ages are, it’s still abuse of power and it’s not an affair. There’s a lot of people who hear it and think, “Well, if it’s a young guy and it’s a hot young teacher, then what’s the big deal?” But it’s important to think deeper [about] the…

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