Watch Pro Surfers Charge the Biggest North Shore Swell in Years


This article originally appeared on Surfer and was republished with permission.

Last weekend, the Hawaiian islands were once again bombarded with an XXL swell that lit up Jaws, Waimea and the most notable Outer Reefs. All the who’s who of the big-wave world in Hawaii were spread throughout the island chain, scratching into their fair share of liquid monstrosities.

John Florence and Koa Rothman decided to venture to one of Oahu’s Outer Reefs, with their jet ski in tow, locking into colossal tubes for hours on end. Like with any historic-sized swell, there was carnage. Wipeouts were had and jet skis went flying (literally, check out the 9:25 mark). Click play to watch Koa’s recent vlog episode, and to get a firsthand look at what Hawaii’s most fearless chargers see and do when they’re out in the lineup.

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