Watch ‘Eye of the Storm’: A Beautiful MTB Escape


‘Eye of the Storm’–A short mountain biking film by Tristan Deggan.

I wanted to express the stress I felt when COVID came close to home. The distant threat of the spread seemed like it would never effect us, but when it did I felt so privileged to have a sport to escape the downpour of awful global news and local anxieties. I am sure that riding has come as a necessity for many, but I still hope this film can inspire some to disconnect even for a ride, and to appreciate this very special sport during these times.” –Tristan Deggan

“COVID-19 has effected each and every one of us to a certain degree. I count myself lucky to live and work in an area where I was able to keep accessing my local trails, and pick away at some build projects. Shooting this video with…

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