Walls, Bands, and Benches: Adaptable Workouts for Chaos, Limitation, and Variety


Routines are essential for sustainable success, but sometimes your plan blows up. When this happens you must remember that exercise is too important to concede defeat. Sure, missing one day’s plan isn’t the end of the world, but it sacrifices the opportunity to adapt.


Paradoxically, it is often life’s limitations that prompt the most creativity and novelty. What happens when you get stuck at work but have 45 minutes to kill before that late meeting? What about when you are stuck at home with sick kids, or on the road resigned to that rinky-dink motel gym.



The one that has mirrors to make it appear bigger than a bathroom. Maybe your routine has simply grown stale and in desperate need of variety. Whether you are short on equipment, short on time, or simply wanting to break out of your abundance induced rut, I’ve got you covered.


Each day’s exercises are grouped by…

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