Vans Triple Crown Winners Announced in Successful Virtual Contest


Watching Lebron win his third world championship in the bubble doesn’t compare to seeing him play your city. Livestreaming Bad Religion’s 40 years of music isn’t nearly as much fun as bouncing around a sea of humanity in front of the stage.

But if there’s one event that has benefited from a pandemic pivot, it could be the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. The Triple Crown has a storied 35-year history, an annual celebration of three Hawaiian breaks. It’s one of the most coveted titles in surfing. But simply watching the top 100 guys ride the same kinds of boards and tracking their cumulative results is a somewhat narrow view of wave riding.

When Vans launched the virtual Triple Crown, it was a refreshing reboot to the old event. Still sanctioned by the World Surf League, surfers upload two clips from each of the three Triple Crown venues –…

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