Vans New Collection an Artist Collab With Malaysia’s Kide Baharudin


You’ve never heard of Kuala Pilah. The peaceful village is tucked out of the way in the middle of the Malaysia. But you may start seeing the faces and scenes of traditional life in the village as seen through the eyes of one of its young artists, providing the colorful inspiration for Vans Surf’s latest apparel collection, the Kide Collaboration, which drops today.

“When I am riding my bike, I always love observing the small town and village where I grew up,” says the collab’s namesake artist, Malaysian graphic designer Kide Baharudin. “I like to imagine how the place looked back in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. I try to find the story through my parents’ childhood. I illustrate this in my paintings. I think that was my inspiration.”

Vans was certainly inspired by Baharudin’s work, elevating the talented young painter after he won the…

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