U.S. Paralympian Dies at Sea While Solo Rowing from LA to Hawaii


United States Paralympic medalist and ocean rower Angela Madsen has tragically passed away at sea while attempting a historic solo crossing from Los Angeles to Honolulu, as reported by the NY Post. She was 60 years old.

Madsen embarked on her voyage in April, hoping to reach Honolulu within four months. On Sunday, the U.S. Marine Corps veteran entered the ocean to repair a shackle used to secure a sea anchor to the bow, reports the Adventure Journal. With a tropical storm headed her way, Madsen was preparing for inclement weather. Tragically, she never made it back onto her 20-foot oceangoing rowboat, Row of Life. The accident occurred 1,275 nautical miles northeast of Hawaii, or approximately halfway through the voyage.

The last correspondence from Madsen came via text message to her wife, Debra Madsen, on Saturday night, the Mercury News reports….

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