tyre workout for weight loss


Doing the same old exercise routines or gym workouts can get boring.
Thankfully, a well-equipped Commercial Gym Setup offers different varieties of equipment that can bring back the zing to your exercise regime.
One such is the tyre – yes indeed, the same tyre that we see in vehicles, or perhaps a variation of it.

Why Tyres though?

Though unconventional, the cross tyre is a functional training device that can enhance strength and body conditioning in a holistic manner.  It works differently than traditional machines and helps build explosive power in the lower body which makes it popular with athletes like football players and wrestlers.
Often seen in a Cross fit Gym Setup, tyres are a surefire way to get a challenging yet effective and fun workout.

Understanding the benefits of Cross Tyre/Tire

Gaining muscle strength and conditioning is of course why we do strength…

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