Toddy Cold Brew System Review and Expert Tips


Enjoying cold brew at home for most means buying and stashing a roaster’s canned or bottled concoction in the fridge for an arsenal of caffeine that’s always at the ready. But pre-packaged cold brew can be as pricey as visiting a coffee shop, the reason being it has more caffeine per cup, due to its higher bean-to-water ratio. If you’re a devotee, you know it’s a league above iced coffee. What you might not know is it’s incredibly easy to make on your own.

If you want cold brew waiting in the wings ready for consumption any day of the week, heed our guide. We tapped a La Colombe coffee expert for the best tips and tested the Toddy Cold Brew System to see just how simple it is to make cold brew at home. Let’s start with our review of the Toddy system.

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