This Was the Rarest Whiskey of 2020 (and There’s Only One Barrel)


Legendary Kentucky bourbon distillery Heaven Hill really put the “limited” in their limited-edition 85th Anniversary Bourbon. They only released a single barrel’s worth of whiskey. It was the latest rare release from the distillery, and likely the rarest whiskey of 2020. In short: It’s a one-time-only release with a very limited volume of liquid to go around.

Behind the Scenes of This Rare Release

The 13-year-old single-barrel bourbon was filled on December 13, 2006—an important date. December 13 commemorates when the distillery first filled a barrel back in 1935. Heaven Hill did not state how many bottles of this liquid will be released, but the standard barrel at that age has less than 100 bottles worth of liquid. The best case scenario would be about 110 bottles.

The company says the barrel came from Warehouse G, second floor,…

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