This 12-Year-Old Extra Anejo Tequila Needs to Be on Your Top Shelf


When it comes to stocking your bar at home, there are always designated spots for the appropriate bottles. On one shelf, there are your daily drinkers ($30-$50 range). The next shelf up, you have your special occasion sips for the day when you have guests over again (likely in the $100-$200 ballpark). And lastly, on the top shelf, you typically place your flagships—these are the bottles that you crack open on the very finest of evenings (we’re talking $300 and up). And if tequila is your drink of choice, then QUI Rare Extra Anejo needs to be the next bottle you have shipped to your home and placed as the headliner in your bar.

It’s a treat before you even take a sip thanks to the packaging. It’s shipped in a finely crafted box, and the decanter looks and feels like it…

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