The World’s Best Waves Were Completely Empty During the COVID-19 Lockdown


COVID-19 coincided with a couple of amazing swells. With basically the entire world on Coronavirus lockdown from mid-March until early May, a handful of iconic spots had at least one all-time day during a once-in-a-lifetime window where nobody was allowed in the ocean.

At J-Bay, 6-foot corduroy perfection marched through Supertubes, empty for the first time since before the original “Endless Summer”. At Lower Trestles, south swell lines wrapped down the cobblestone reef without a surfer in sight for the first time since, well, can anyone even remember the last time Lowers was empty in April? And it goes on. Supertubos. Puerto Escondido. Raglan. HT’s. All empty.

Of course, surfers…

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