The New Cake Kalk INK SL Electric Motorcycle Reviewed


What It Is:

The Cake Kalk INK SL is an electric motorcycle meant to blur the lines between on- and off-road application. Actually, it’s meant to blur a lot of lines. At 187 pounds, it’s exceptionally lightweight for its power output. Consider that a dual-sport bike like Honda’s capable, and relatively light (for gas) CRF250L weighs 321 pounds.

This is not an apples-to-apples comparison, however. The Honda costs $5,200. The Cake is almost exactly double that price, at $10,500. But to stop there would miss the bigger mission.

A street-legal electric motorcycle that’s this svelte opens up a lot of possibilities. There’s no clutch to learn, because there’s only one speed. Twist the “throttle” and adjust your speed. That, and the brakes (one hand-brake on the right handlebar and a foot brake) are all you need to master. Also: It’s way…

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