The Kitchen Counter Gets a Masculine Makeover


Is there such a thing as a masculine countertop? That’s definitely debatable, but Caeserstone, the company that invented quartz surfacing for kitchens and other home interiors, has a new quartet of colors that, if they’re not strictly masculine, are definitely dramatic.

New for this year, the 33-year-old manufacturer has launched a line of “blacks” that transform alloys like bronze, steel, and cast iron into a finish that is a bit more metallic-looking than the average kitchen counter and instantly creates a modern aesthetic in any space. The colors, with names that make them sound like they’d fit right in with Darth Vader’s aesthetic—Black Tempal, Oxidian, Piatto Black, and Empira Black, the latter of which you can see below—are textured variations on dark grey and charcoal hues, and they’re all incredibly natural-looking. Imagine…

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