The Kettlebell 6 – Teach Yourself the Fundamentals



There are 6 tutorial videos in the Kettelbell Basics Tutorial Series here. They will cover all the fundamentals of movement that you need to begin, reshape, or refresh your kettlebell practice. The videos are free but do require you to register to use. We suggest you follow them in the order below, but as you develop your proficiency, you will be able to return to any of these videos when you need to renew your work on a particular movement.



So, each tutorial can stand alone or as part of a progression. However, I do suggest that working with a coach in-person will always provide the best and safest results. Nevertheless, you can accomplish a lot if you dig into the detailed instruction and demonstrations in these videos.


Just remember that you are different and your movement patterns will not be identical to mine. Pay attention to the verbal cues and the sensations of…

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