The Importance of Rock-Rescue Skills, According to an Expert


Climbing can be super rewarding. It is also an inherently dangerous sport, and having rock rescue skills can simply save lives.

Pro-climber and alpine guide Sarah Hueniken (one of the best mixed climbers in the world, male or female) has been a huge proponent of moving safely in the mountains by dedicating a good portion of her time to teaching. Every year she puts on rock rescue courses, and we had the honor of taking part in one.

The course was over two days and covered some simple, but very important techniques. We sat down with Hueniken to ask her about the importance of rock rescue skills.

Hueniken tying off a belay. Photo: Kate Erwin

When should a climber think about taking a rock rescue course?

Basic rock rescue is something a climber should consider when they start to do multi pitches and or are climbing in more remote areas. If you’ve ever…

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