The Hest Sleep System Is The Most Comfy Camp Mattress We’ve Tried


There are a thousand reasons to love camping—but for most people, a good night’s rest isn’t one of them.

A lucky few find a restrictive sleeping bag and an inch-thick sleeping pad a sufficient substitute for their bed at home. The rest of us enjoy a star-filled sky, a meditative campfire, crisp morning air, and a respite from our devices—but comfortable rest? Not so much.

But what if you could sleep as comfortably in the outdoors as you do at home? That’s what Hest Outdoors founder Aaron Ambuske wondered after countless nights sustaining poor rest on family camping trips.

As head of Strategy and Business Development at Seattle design firm IDeology, Ambuske came from a product development background, and applied the same process of materials sourcing and testing to his…

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