The Easy Way to Buy (and Sell) a Used Mountain Bike


I love giving bike advice. I technically do it for a living, but only in a remote, aggregate sense. I used to do it one-on-one back in my shop days, and I kinda miss it. Now, I find myself baiting innocent strangers into conversations about things like transportation and exercise in the hopes that they’ll exhibit some sort of curiosity about bikes. That’s when I slip into my well-practiced and frankly very effective former role as a bike salesman. Within ten minutes, I’ve hopefully gotten someone stoked about what their next bike could and should be. But it takes a little longer if the topic of used bikes comes up.

“I don’t wanna go crazy,” they tell me. “A bike from a few years ago would be just fine.” Nonsense. Is reading a newspaper from a few years ago just fine? There’s a reason they keep printing new ones. Things change. If…

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