The Case for Hiking Alone During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Solo hiking is a fancy name for walking alone. In this era of social distancing, it makes a lot of sense. If you are working from home with kids, multiple roommates or extended family, quarters can get tight. Venturing out for a few hours (or days) provides exercise, time to think, problem solve, and a chance to hit the reset button. And by hiking alone you are doing your part to keep trails, beaches and parks open to the public. Andy Warhol used to say, “one’s company, two’s a crowd, three’s a party.” Those are wise words for our fight against the novel coronavirus.

We’re living through historic times when personal responsibility and accountability matters. And while staying home and saving lives is a good idea (not to mention the law for many), we’re all eager to get outdoors. But too many people heading out at once threatens access for…

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