The Brand New X Games Real Ski 2020 Videos Are Mind-Blowing


X Games Real Ski is back again and it’s another year of heavy street insanity. Each of this year’s competitors has a totally different take on the streets and that should mean some healthy debate from lovers of each of the different types of style.

I happened to be on location for the shoot for the TV show, so I saw some of the debate in person, and there was definitely a healthy ‘conversation’ on the judges’ side. Those judges by the way: Tom Wallisch, LJ Strenio, Mike Hornbeck, JF Houle, and Josh Berman. We want to know who you think should take the medals, so let us know in the poll/comments and make sure to vote in the official fan favorite poll!

Jake Mageau

Mango, last year’s runaway fan favorite is back with an…

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