The Best Spiked Seltzers, Hard Teas, and Canned Cocktails


Spiked seltzers haven’t lost their traction. We love a juicy IPA as much as the next guy, but sometimes you want a lighter alternative. If you’re already experiencing White Claw fatigue, know that there’s a big, beautiful world of spiked seltzers, hard teas, and canned cocktails you’ve likely never tried.

Summer 2020 is as good a time as any to try some standouts. You’re spending more time at home, leaving plenty of time to crack open a cold one after yard work, lazing by the pool, or enjoying a day on the lake. Better yet, pick up some packs of spiked seltzers and other canned concoctions for your Fourth of July festivities. Whether you’re anticipating a leisurely or boisterous holiday weekend, it’ll surely benefit from these five.

Not one is a flavored malt beverage. Each of these boasts premium alcohol and natural ingredients for a…

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