The Best Products to Look and Feel Fresh Post-Workout


A basic shampoo-conditioner-bodywash combo will de-grime you but not much more. Post-workout, you want to feel like you’ve gotten a good sweat—not look it. If you need to look presentable after having really gotten after it, you’ll need additional top-to-tail help. Here are the products that’ll have you feeling and looking fresh faster.

It’s common to continue sweating an hour or two post-workout, since body temps take a while to settle back to normal—including on the scalp. Duke Cannon News Anchor Quick Fix Dry Shampoo ($15) has tapioca starch to sop up oil and wheat protein to strengthen hair. Wash your face in 10 seconds using a textured Koa Balancing Toner ($22) pad, which exfoliates skin and helps kill bacteria that can lead to breakouts.

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