The Best Packable Crafts for Urban Paddling Adventures


The average size of a Manhattan apartment is 747 square feet, according to a recent study by Rent Cafe. Seattle is even more confining at 702 square feet. Austin? A fair bit roomier at 865. But if you live in an American city, space is limited, and it comes at a premium. And with extended travel restricted, urban outdoor recreation can feel confined as well. But there is an overlooked outlet with far-reaching options in many U.S. cities: their blueways. A majority of the largest cities in the country developed according to their connection to vast waterways. With long-contested improvements to water quality through decades of environmental legislation, along with city residents craving an increased quality of life that only open space can provide, we are seeing a renaissance in access to improved urban waters. New York City, for example, has a water…

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