The Best Custom Closet Upgrade You Can Order Online


With a lot of time spent indoors these days staring at the same four walls, you may be having the same thought a lot of us are having: This place could really use a makeover. After repainting, buying a few houseplants, and hanging a new flatscreen, the closets may feel like an afterthought—but they shouldn’t be. Maximizing storage can make or break any tight living situation, and space-saving solutions in the closet can be the difference between an orderly life or one where you have to wade through a sea of socks to get to the bathroom. Not surprisingly, you can throw money at the problem, using a custom-closet installer to help multiply storage with all sorts of creative solutions. But what if you don’t have that extra money to spend? Or better yet, what if you live in a rental and don’t have the option to build in?

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