The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Athletes


Real fitness enthusiasts take their workouts seriously. And that means no distractions. One of the best ways to maintain a laser-like focus is to block out the outside world with headphones. But workout headphones are tricky. Some are great for the gym, while others are better for running or CrossFit. What are the best headphones for athletes? We’ve rounded up a bunch of top-flight contenders that are guaranteed to work as hard as you do.

First and foremost, headphones need to be lightweight and comfortable to be truly great for athletes. You need to be able to move, sweat, and work without ever really knowing they’re there. This eliminates a lot of corded and over-ear headphones right off the bat.

So here are the eight best headphones for athletes you can buy on Amazon. You’ll want them for their sweat-resistance and secure design. All are…

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