The Best Backpacks of 2020 for Every Adventure


The best backpacks of 2020 are as diverse as the adventures you take them on—from minimalistic trail running packs to highly technical mountaineering carryalls. And there’s no shortage of options, no matter the excursion.

Arguably the most versatile are daypacks. Some brands lean toward commuter-friendly features while others leverage the technologies of larger mountaineering styles by introducing multiple hydration and storage options. Of course in the backpacking realm, weight distribution and support reign supreme when crafting next-generation packs that meet the demands of modern adventurers. Clever features are fun and all, but you need something that takes the strain off your shoulders and back when you’re toting a hefty amount of cargo.

And then of course we have trail running and mountain biking packs, which often put the onus on…

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