The Benefits of Ring Training: 5 Reasons Gymnastic Rings Can Help Transform Your Body


If any training apparatus fits the phrase “harder than it looks,” it would be gymnastic rings. What looks effortless on TV during the summer Olympics is insanely difficult. In fact, simply holding your body motionless while using the rings will make you feel muscles you didn’t even know you had until that moment.

Nonetheless, gymnastic rings might be one of the single greatest training tools to develop upper-body and core strength for the beginner and advanced lifter alike, and once you know what you’re doing, you too can achieve proficiency, if not gold-medal status. Here are five reasons why you should start adding gymnastic rings to your training routine in the gym.

Reason 1: The Instability of Gymnastic Rings Leads to Greater Strength Gains

Any time you add instability to an exercise, it forces your muscles to work harder. For…

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