The 12-Week Workout Designed to Amplify Fat Loss


If you want to improve muscle definition and fast-track your way to washboard abs, then use this fat loss specific, three-phase, muscle-preserving training system. Everyone is wondering what they need to be doing post-COVID lockdown


An awesome article was put together by Tom MacCormick, covering how you can get back to making gains. This inspired me to put this specific piece together for the guys out there who purely want to drop that unwanted COVID-19 fat gain.



Now that more and more gyms are opening again, many guys want to get back into shape – fast.


This simple, effective system of methods increases energy expenditure, session after session, and leaves you in a pool of sweat — you can expect to be finished in less than 45 minutes, provided you perform a proper physical preparation before commencing.


The goal here is to increase energy expenditure over…

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