The 10 Most Loved Sandwiches in America


Ambitious chefs are taking the once-humble sandwich into new heights of tastiness. Here are 10 sandwiches across America we love the most.

1. Spicy Korean Pork Sandwich

Heirloom Market BBQ, Atlanta, GA

What’s in it: Pork butt is rubbed down with a spicy mix of gochugaru, gochujang, chili sauce, and sriracha, smoked slowly over hickory and oak, then cubed and packed into a soft potato bun and dressed with kimchi slaw and kimchi pickles.

Why we love it: Heirloom’s owners, married couple Cody Taylor and Jiyeon Lee, meld different barbecue traditions (his: American; hers: Korean) into a spicy, smoky sandwich that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The pickles and slaw add the refreshing texture and crunch familiar to anyone who’s had a Southern pulled-pork sandwich,…

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