Swimming With Sharks: Everything You Need to Know


Ocean Ramsey’s life is centered around the sea. The daughter of a swimmer and a diver, Ramsey grew up in Hawaii and was introduced to the ocean at a young age and quickly developed a passion for snorkeling and later, diving.

At age 7, Ramsey encountered her first shark. With no preconceived notions, she didn’t experience the fear that many would upon encountering an apex predator up close. Instead, she was fascinated. The formative experience set the trajectory for her life’s work.

Today, Ramsey interacts with sharks on a daily basis. She has worked with over 32 different species around the world and devotes her time to shark research and conservation. She is also the co-founder of One Ocean, a Hawaii-based research and dive operation that takes visitors on pelagic free-diving tours where they have the opportunity to encounter sharks up close,…

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