Stick to the Ribs Nordic Fish Chowder


Stews that “stick to the ribs” have a comforting appeal, particularly during the most recent polar vortex. Nordic style stews, like this fish chowder, use a variety of vegetables to flavor the base and most often use starchy root vegetables like celeriac, turnip, or potatoes to provide thickening to the soup as well as nutritional energy.


This chowder is also known in the Scandinavian countries as fiskesuppe which literally translates to fish soup though fish isn’t the only sea protein you can add. Scallops, lobster, clams, and shrimp are among other options that you can use in tandem with or in place of the fish in this chowder for an equally delicious dish.



Traditionally, Nordic cooks add heavy cream to the chowder but you can keep this dairy-free if desired by using coconut milk instead. The mild coconut flavor complements the fish perfectly and the added healthy…

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