Steel Cut Oats: Healthy Breakfast for the Whole Family


Most grow up eating Pop Tarts or Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast. It isn’t until we leave home that we realize the insanity of having dessert for breakfast. Even those cereals billed as healthy, like Cheerios and Granola, tend to be less than ideal options. Immersed in the norms of our convenience food society, we have to rethink how we design breakfast.


Prior to fatherhood, I’d have a big spinach omelet every morning and had more than enough time to fit in all my other needs. When my wife and I adopted two children this past September, everything changed. It became a challenge to work out, make breakfast, and attend to the many needs of two children under two. I had to use my time better and, even more, we had to be less wasteful with our food budget. Still, I couldn’t allow these constraints to become excuses for eating less healthy.



This inspired the family to…

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