Squat/Pull/Press: A 4-Week Strength Challenge



This strength cycle should help you prioritize overall squat, pull and press strength. The final week will be a test week of sorts, some lifts you will be allowed to max, others you will be given a set rep number to achieve at heavier weight.



If you do not know how to power clean, you may substitute box jumps or squat jumps, use the same sets and reps. If you do not have 100% numbers to work from, base each day on feel using the same worksets and reps.


Feel should follow these guidelines for % conversion, 60-70% should feel light-medium, 75-80% should feel medium, 85-90% medium heavy, 90%+ heavy. Only the worksets are prescribed, feel free to spend time with warm ups sets, but do not fatigue yourself, keep warm ups light and only to prepare you specifically for lifting.


Best way to approach this in a week: Monday Day 1, Tuesday Day 2, Wednesday Rest, Thursday Day 3,…

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