Solving the Racism Problem in Outdoors Takes More Than Social Media


This past Fourth of July, pro skier Amie Engerbretson posted a photo of herself skiing in an American flag top and jean shorts. Her caption described why she always loves to ski on the Fourth but how it was hard this year to find reasons and ways to celebrate. She discussed “the extreme world we are living in,” “the situation,” “our flaws and the things we are getting wrong.” The caption ended with: “With all that in mind, I do celebrate the 4th of July today. I celebrate with an awareness of necessary change and with hope. I send that love, consciousness and celebration to all of you.” The post was liked by over 3,500 people and widely praised in the comment section nearly 70 times.

When the post came across my feed, I knew its intention was genuine and meant to show solidarity, but I also saw how it was problematic. In the comments, a…

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