Socially Distant Adventures to Embark on in the Southwest


The Southwest is one of the more exotic regions of the United States, covering parts of the Mojave, Sonoran, and Chihuahuan Deserts, plus the Colorado Plateau (which, for the record, is basically a high desert).

Temperatures here can soar to 125°F in the summer and drop to below freezing (perfect for skiing!) in the winter—and you can find yourself transported from the fiery red desert landscape to high up in the mountains after a relatively short car ride. Once you hightail it out of the major cities, it can feel like you’re in another world—or, at least, as close to an international adventure as you’re likely to get in the age of the novel coronavirus.

The idea of a “desert” is one of barren space, but you can find some of the country’s most unique socially distant adventures in the Southwest: the crystal-clear-blue water of…

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