Snow Peak’s BiPod Portable Camping Stove


When it comes to backcountry stoves, there are a plethora of options out there. You have the larger, expedition-style stoves on one hand and ultralight, pocket-sized burners on the other. For bikepacking, small and lighter is better, but it’s not always easier. The smaller burners usually use a very small tripod or even just the fuel canister itself as support, which can lead to more than just spilled milk and justified tears.

Photo: Courtesy of Snow Peak

The BiPod from Snow Peak takes an interesting solution to the balance vs. weight/packability conundrum—it’s a bipod stove, complete with a valve to adjust the flame intensity for better simmering, that uses the fuel canister as a third leg to complete tripod stability. It’s a fairly large tripod as well, and with the large supports above the burner, larger pots should have no balance issues….

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