Should You Take Up Indoor or Outdoor Gardening? Here’s the Answer


The pandemic has Americans twiddling their green thumbs and people are looking to plants to cope. If you choose to join us, you’ll have a decision to make. I’ve chosen to learn how to grow my own food. But many other people have turned to houseplants for their horticulture comfort.

Succulents and ficus trees are flying off the shelves as isolated people seek quarantine companionship. Even before the pandemic, indoor gardening was on the rise. According to a National Gardening Survey, in 2019, 30 percent of all households bought at least one indoor plant. Since the virus hit, garden stores like The Sill, an online houseplant delivery service, can’t keep up with demand. “We’re experiencing days that look and feel like Black Friday,” says the service’s CEO Eliza Blank, while pointing out its April sales were up 50 percent, month over…

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