Santa Cruz Introduces the 2021 5010 MTB With Ingenious New Video


Every time I sit down to talk about a new 27.5-inch bike, it’s a struggle not to open with a conversation about wheel size. A struggle I have just failed, evidently. But it’s not my fault. The ingenious, hysterical and oddly thrilling video that Santa Cruz released alongside the brand new fourth-generation 5010 already pulled the wheel-size card. It leans into the novelty of a moderate-travel bike with 27.5-inch wheels. It’s a bike with a specific purpose in mind. It’s a bike meant for goofing off.

I’m in the final months of mending a broken leg, so even though goofing off is my specialty, I couldn’t do testing this bike any justice. But we’ve got first-ride impressions on the 5010’s identical twin sister, the Juliana Furtado from Bike’s editor-in-chief, Nicole Formosa. She’s ridden every previous generation Furtado, and you can…

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