Runner Guor Mading Maker on Escaping Sudan and the BLM Movement


Olympic marathoner Guor Mading Maker thought he was done running when he was granted asylum by the United States in 2001. No one would blame him. He spent most of his childhood running for his life.

Mading Maker grew up in South Sudan amidst a civil war, and was just 8 years old when his parents sent him away to find his uncle in hopes of escaping the violence. But shortly after, he was captured and enslaved by a group of Messiria, an ethnic group of herdsman in Western Sudan. He became one of Sudan’s “Lost Boys,” roughly 20,000 adolescents who were displaced during the war.

Following a daring escape, Mading Maker ran through northern Sudan, eventually landing in a refugee camp in Egypt. He was united with his aunt and uncle in Concord, New Hampshire, where he began attending high school. Soon after, during one of his PT classes, a teacher…

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