Rule the Stage: How to Master the Art of Bodybuilding Contest Prep


The realities of prepping for a physique contest aren’t pretty like the bodies you see onstage. Everyone wants all the shreds until they realize the work it takes to get there is not a piece of cake (like the one that has haunted you and your taste buds day and night).

Two members of Team, Abel Albonetti and Brian DeCosta, both competed in shows recently, and in light of their success, they want to share a bit of truth with you: Years of training and experience doesn’t necessarily make the prep easier. You may think otherwise based on the drive and positivity they exhibit on social media, but that’s a whole other component of doing the prep.

You can’t be thinking it’s going to be easy. A lot of people think that, and they’re the people who never look the way they should have,” says Albonetti, who recently took place third in his…

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