Road Trip Tips for Better Car and RV Camping During COVID


Of the many gloomy impacts of COVID—canceled travel, systemic uncertainty, furloughed and lost jobs, a hiatus from hugs, and the cancellation of Hollywood blockbuster season—one silver lining stands out: the resurgence of the great American road trip. With record-low gas prices, a pent-up hunger for freedom from home, and a widespread unease with public transportation, RV sales have spiked to an all-time high. Further, campgrounds are packed, trails are noticeably busier than years past, and the word “camping” has surged on Google higher than any time in the last decade.

Yes, this unpredicted push for all things external has made planning outdoor excursions a bit more complicated. I still find it encouraging that so many people have decided to find respite in parks, forests, and wilderness areas. And, I’d be a hypocritic to say otherwise,…

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